BTS is the epitome of Generations Unlimited.

Disclaimer: I wrote this without proof reading and with the very little time I have during my 5minute break. So forgive my spelling, grammar or any other error.

BTS will speak in the UN in behalf of Unicef as the United Nations Development Program launches Generation Unlimited. The core of Generation Unlimited is to involve the young people in creating solutions for the world’s wicked problems. The program works with Unicef and other partners to launch youth-led and youth-centered solutions.

BTS as the emerging voice of this generation is the perfect spokesperson for this program. Coming from the heels of their globally successful LoveMyself and EndViolence campaign, they have the track record to not just influence the youth but to mobilize them.

The key areas the Generation Unlimited will address include:

  • Youth involvement in governance
  • Empowerment of young women
  • Developing leadership capabilities of young people
  • Youth led initiatives to address climate change
  • Social innovation

BTS is no stranger to these areas:

  • From Day 1 they have written socially conscious lyrics that represent the plight of the young people, they have written songs that encourages women to value themselves and the recent Love Yourself era touches the core of humanity – self love 
  • They also serve as great role models for the new generation of leaders the emerging future needs – resilient, creative, agile, out-of-the box thinkers, that live purposeful lives, are self-aware and practices mindfulness.
  • The group also serves as a perfect case study for modern-day collaboration framework. The process, the players, the roles and dynamics of how each song, music video and concept is created can serve as a guide in articulating how modern day problem solving should be done.
  • They are also a text book example of innovation, breaking barriers, trailblazing. Something that the Generation Unlimited program perhaps seeks to achieve with all the initiative they will be launching.

Being the spokesperson for Generation Unlimited will reshape BTS’ philanthropy work from the traditional dole-out or charity model to active and progressive nation building where  the solutions are created by the young people not just for the young people but for the world.

Yoongi’s dream of becoming one of the world’s most influential artist is slowly becoming a reality. A famous adage in the BTS ARMY fandom – “What Yoongi wants, Yoongi gets.”


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