With the advent of bloated sales records as a result of activities/offers that have very little to do with the music or the artistry, it is imperative to look at how BTS was able to achieve its record breaking chart performance with organic and in the real essence of the word – PURE sales.

This musing led me to the realization that BTS and BH whether by design or intuition applied CxHx – Customer Centered Human Centered approach in building their relationship with us as consumers.
A human centered approach means that BTS placed empathy and impact at the center of their engagement with us. We are not just passive consumers whose only function is to move sales. To BTS, before consumers we are fundamentally humans first. 

This explains why they are in constant pursuit of trying to understand us more. They want to walk our shoes, listen to us and our stories and consequently share their own. They want to leave an impact in our lives and they want us to grow together. 
Human-centered marketing is gaining traction as an alternative approach to more traditional customer centered approach. HCM is characterized by the following stages:

  • Walking in customer’s shoes
  • Listening with empathy
  • Making a human impact
  • Growing together with your audience

What do you think? What are examples of your personal experience that align with these 4 stages?


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  1. Hey! I know this is a bit of an older post but I just found you on Twitter. I study (and work in) marketing so of course I could not pass this article without giving it a read. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly agree that while living in capitalism BigHit has to look at the profit/sales and the fact they can achieve the desired results through this more human form of marketing is really great!! Thank you for the post:)

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